A Brief History on Chicken Run

Chicken Run International first debuted during the 2005 Cayman Carnival Batabano. The Band was created by former members of the Mudders International revelers, who wanted to keep up the momentum of a fun, free spirited, “come as you are” jump up Band. A few of these original members consisted of Rayal Roberts, Anttie Ramoon, Lee Ramoon, Kim Samuels, Winston Hurlston, Rohann Clarke, Gary Berry, Peterkin Berry and Dwayne Seymour. This group saw the need to continue to make carnival a FUN time, where one and all could come together and just FETE!

Chicken Run International has been known for its humourous costumes and antics, as you will see through the pictures, which makes it one of the only bands on de road to embrace the true carnival spirit. While other groups will seek awards, Chicken Run International strives to ensure all revelers enjoy themselves in the carnival fete with a FUN atmosphere. So much so, they have been known to grab onlookers off de streets to jump up with them! This is where the “come as you are” mentality comes into play. Each year’s theme and costumes are inspired by popular international/local topics and how the Band can put a humourous spin on it.

Chicken Run International was formerly known as “chicken run”, but has had to incorporate the “international” as there are many members who travel to countries like Jamaica, Trinidad, Canada, Miami, Barbados, Honduras, to participate in their carnivals. Although presently seen as a “small band”, we have goals of expanding and bringing the spirit of Chicken Run International to other countries and inviting them to experience our very own CayMAS Carnival! We hope that you will be “chipping down de road” with us this carnival season!